Article teaser on the home page

The article teaser on the home page consists of three parts.

The title

Make the title attention grabbing and no longer than one line. Your title will be displayed at the top of the teaser.

The description

This should convey the subject of the article. Make it a lead in to your article. The description should draw the user in to your content.

The image

The app is fairly flexible and can handle a wide variety of sizes and shapes of images. In general make the image 2: 3 aspect ratio and a good resolution. The app will scale the image as needed but will keep the aspect ratio.


Full article screen

When a user taps on the article teaser they will be brought to a full page containing your article. The article can be take one of two forms. The content will scroll vertically if it does not fit "above the fold".

  • URL to another page on the web ( we will load that page directly in to the app and display it on this screen)
  • HTML content. We will host the HTML content and display it within the app.


Make the article speak to a problem that your product solves or to the benefits your product provides.

Highlight your product in a way that is clearly visible but is still visibly separate from the article.

Include a button or other method for users to get in touch with you to purchase your product.