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Top Five Things Home Buyers Look For

Home buyers like yourself have been evolving the past few years. More and more home buyers these days look for more than the simple necessities. They look for things from environmentally friendly appliances to even a structure that can take the worst climates. But what exactly are most home buyers looking for? Let’s take a look.

1. Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms serve as a key feature for larger families. When everyday life tasks like laundry blind-sides you, it’s good to know your laundry room has the proper appliances and space for getting the job done right.
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2. Exterior Lighting

Weird, right? You probably never thought that lighting the outside of your house was so essential. Exterior lighting serves as a way to deter thieves, encourage outdoor activity, and it even gives the house a bit of flair. Another way to put it is, home buyers want their house to look better than their neighbors. Exterior lighting is the way to go.
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3. Hardwood Floors

There are a lot of benefits to having hardwood floors. For one, they look great. In fact, they look so good that they are a determinant for 50% of house purchases. People like the sleek, modern look that they bring to their house. Another reason is that they last a long time. Wood floors are said to be able to last decades, looking better and better as each year goes by. The last thing that wood floors have over carpet is just how simple it is to clean. There is no need to get a heavy vacuum or worry about having to call a professional to get a stain out. Having wood floors will make cleaning them a cinch.
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4. Kitchen Space

Can we agree we all have that dream kitchen? The one with plenty of counter space, an island, a large sink, and room to walk and move around? Well, it’s a big deal when purchasing a house. Home buyers these days have started to lean more towards a kitchen with enough space for a dining table. Kitchens are now seen as another family hangout room. A place where there’s cooking, eating, and in some cases, TV watching.
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5. Smart Home Technology

We see it more and more in new houses now: a compatible smart home system. Home buyers these days want to know about tech, not about cable and telephone. Many homes that have smart home technology enable users to control lighting, heating, locks, surveillance, and other electronic devices in there home from anywhere, even outside the home.
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